Hello and welcome!

I am Zameera Reyes, medical aesthetician at Beleza. I am also the creator of Beleza by Z non-toxic product skin care products which are formulated with skin enhancing botanicals sourced from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

I’m an aesthetician and I grew up on a farm, so naturally, I have a passion for beauty and nature. The word beleza [bay-lay-zah] means beauty, which embodies the principle and philosophy of Beleza Skin Care… helping my clients improve and maintain their beauty by combining aesthetic technology with safe and effective plant-based products that don’t compromise their health, budget, and our environment.

So what makes Beleza Skin Care different?

Health, beauty and sustainability is our priority. Each client is given a skin analysis and an honest assessment of expectation and results. We proudly stand true to our philosophy by being one of Houston’s few clinics to incorporate natural and nontoxic skin care with scientifically proven skin enhancing procedures such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) facials, microneedling, high frequency, and LED light therapy to deliver results. Over the years of healing and beautifying the skin as an aesthetician, I can honestly vouch for the beauty benefits of Amazonian clay, maracuja oil, coconut water, and pure rainforest botanicals in combination with clinical active ingredients in skin care. Our product line and signature facial services are loaded with these amazing ingredients! 

Due to being the sole aesthetician and operator, online scheduling is provided for client convenience. Please do not hesitate to leave a voice message, send a text (713-836-0755), or e-mail (info@belezaskincare.com) should you get my voicemail.

I look forward to guiding your skin care journey!

XoXo 💋



I specialize in skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, microneedling, and the famous PRP (platelet rich plasma) “Vampire” Facial. Helping my clients improve and maintain the beauty of their skin through safe and effective plant-based products and the latest in skin care technology is my mission.