The “Vampire Facial” made famous by Kim Kardashian and many Hollywood celebrities has nothing to do with sucking your blood, but it may take years off of your face! During this procedure, blood is drawn from your arm and processed carefully to create plasma (PRP). The plasma contains your body’s own growth factors to create healthier, younger looking skin. No injections or artificial fillers needed since your PRP is topically applied to your skin during this treatment.

At Beleza Skin Care, we use the Eclipse Micropen microneedling device, which can also be used as a stand-alone microneedling treatment (without PRP) to rejuvenate skin on your face, neck, arms, hands, and treat any scars or stretch marks anywhere on your body. We now offer this treatment with bone marrow stem cells as a substitute for PRP since they contain growth factors as well!

acne scarring (Before & After)


First, we numb the treatment area(s). Then, we use a medical grade microneedling device (the Eclipse Micropen) containing 12 disposable needles which act similar to a fractionated laser, but without the risk of burning or hyperpigmenting the skin. This makes use of a process known as Automated Microneedling, or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), to correct fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars by stimulating production of the skin’s own collagen and elastin. Both found naturally in the skin, collagen and elastin help give skin a healthy glow and more youthful appearance.

Finally, we paint the treatment area with your PRP (or stem cells if substituting) and allow it to saturate the skin. Results will continue to improve over a six month time period but optimal results occur in people who have 3 treatment sessions 4-5  weeks apart. Maintnence treatments are highly recommended at least once a year.

Microneedling (stand-alone treatment)  $300

Microneedling with growth factor stem cells  $400

Microneedling with PRP (Vampire Facial) $575

**Includes neck & hands

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